16th July

16th July

After a  20-hour flight, I met Mrs. Rapko at the airport. She gave us a big hug and smile. Then we met Mr. Rapko at their house. Although it was midnight, we still had a short talk. I was surprised that Mr. and Mrs. Rapko knew much about Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mr. Rapko could even speak Mandarin. He was humorous.

Everything seemed new and interesting to me. We cut the grass at the backyard with Mr. Rapko in the morning. This was my first time to use weeder.  We had a lot of fun. It was a meaningful experience as Mr. Rapko told us much about daily recycling and rainwater collection system. Being environmentally-friendly is a common practice in their daily life. It is our responsibility to protect our earth.

After work, we made sandwiches together. Mr Rapko shared his opinion about success - the person who has enough money and has enough time to play. I agreed it was the perfect lifestyle too.

By Mandy



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