17th July

17th July 2017

Today is my first day to go to University of Saskatchewan. I felt excited when I arrived the school. I want to know more the overseas education.

When the class started, I was nervous. My class teacher was Miss Wist. She was so nice and friendly. We introduced ourselves and discussed the cultural differences between Hong Kong and Canada.

During lunch break, we had the sandwiches that we made yesterday. The taste was good. At 1pm, we came to the class and started writing. The topic was 'What were you feeling the day after you left Hong Kong?'. We learnt many vocabularies. After then, we had an university tour to see places and facilities. I hope that I can enter university after secondary graduation.

After we came back home, Jyl asked us about our school life today and made us dinner. That's it for today.

By Kaory



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